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The Essence Of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan rakhi
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India is an assorted dish of vast culture made with traditions and pinch of festivals which is served every year with great joy and love. All of these festivals have their own lesson to teach and guide us.

Among many of these festivals, there is one which strengthens the bond of a sister with her brother. It is Raksha Bandhan.


Sister ties a band of thread on her brother’s arm as a symbol of her love, care and for always being there for him. And the brother promises to be by her side and take care of her. Brothers give their sister a gift which is not always an expensive one, but definitely priceless! It’s a festival of mutual care.

According to Hindu mythology, there are many stories revolving around this festival. One of the many stories is the story of a queen who sent a Rakhi to Humayun for the protection of her kingdom from the progressing army of Bahadur Shah.

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Though Humayun wasn’t able to reach on time and she performed “johar” and sacrificed herself. But Humayun defeated the army of Bahadur Shah and passed the kingdom to her son.

The emotions which are bound through these threads are fascinating.

Though in modern times, it’s being viewed as an occasion where boys should take the responsibility for the safety of girls. It’s strange though, how a small thread is believed to alter the mindset of a person. But even then, for some, the thread doesn’t hold meaning and they do not believe in the actual spirit of the festival, which is in being responsible.


On a lighter note, bearing the wrath and enjoying the care given by a sister is always cherishable!


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