Being Women

The Toughest Sip

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It all ended that day

With a cup of tea by my bedside where I slept late last night.

I had to chose between the two

So I chose the bright.


It all started an year ago

When all I heard was – of my male ego.

She trembled at the slightest thought of losing me,

While I was lost in the long hair locks neglecting her real beauty.

I lost interest in our so called relationship

But her trust in our marriage was never a skip.

She tried tested whatever she could,

But that seductive fling took me away-as ashes are flown after a spark in the wood.


To lend me some support She held my shoulder and hand

As I was under the influence of some alcoholic content.

Little did she know that I have not just lost my balance, but my loyalty too…

I have been hiding from her all that is true.

Just when that money digger found another man

I boozed off thinking that I was the guilty one


The next day when I woke up that bed tea on my side table

Along with a her letter rested

She ended her life and the emotions she invested

That was the toughest sip I took

Of the bed tea my beautiful wife always used to cook…

Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry
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